In this paper series we study and discuss a series of seminal papers in quantum physics, quantum optics, and information processing. The course is meant to help us absorb more deeply the breakthroughs in understanding and in experiment on which our efforts today build. The series is organized as a PhD course. Examples of papers we study are:

Quantum limits on noise in linear amplifiers
Carlton M. Caves
Phys. Rev. D 26, 1817 – Published 15 October 1982 

Preparation, measurement and information capacity of optical quantum states
Yamamoto and H. A. Haus
Rev. Mod. Phys. 58, 1001 – Published 1 October 1986

Scheme for reducing decoherence in quantum computer memory
Peter W. Shor
Phys. Rev. A 52, R2493(R) – Published 1 October 1995

… and many others.